Donate Food

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Are you an Organization or Business with excess perishable food to donate? Donors range from large food distributors to small mom-and-pop stores, restaurant chains, urban farms and even other nonprofits.

Become a Donor

We pick up donations of produce, bread, dairy, and other items that you cannot sell and we direct transfer them to our nonprofit partners who are fighting hunger in the community. Our model allows us to rescue items like milk at or past it’s sell by date and small quantities of items that other organizations might not want to pick up. We also can work with existing nonprofit partners to help them transport donations, ensuring that your team doesn’t have to worry about whether someone will come and pick up items or not.  We would love to compliment that rich tradition with our innovative model for fighting hunger. If you have food to donate, please call or fill out the Donation Form using the link below:

571-370-3066 x 201